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These are crazy times!

 Please use the code "homeschoohelp" for 15% off if you are struggling right now. Whether you find yourself struggling financially or suddenly homeschooling, or maybe your a teacher trying to get your students off the computer, or a veteran homeschooler struggling in social isolation! I everyone to be able to access outdoor math education.

Engaging outdoor activities and open-ended math play to help children build a solid foundation in mathematics.


Outdoor activities and games that develop first grade math skills.

Math in the mud kitchen bakery_) #wildma

Learn multi digit addition and subtraction strategies using natural material.


Use plants, animal life, and natural materials to learn multiplication and division!


Learn decimals, fractions, division and geometry outdoors!

Check out the Wild Math Amazon List! Click below to see my favorite math games and my favorite math materials!
*Wild Math participates in the Amazon Associates Program. This list was created to address the many requests I receive about math materials and to provide an easy way for you to find materials recommended in Wild Math.
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