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Build a solid foundation in numeracy skills through multisensory activities and math based play.


First Grade

Master addition and subtraction facts through hands-on outdoor activities.


Second Grade

Learn multi-digit addition and subtraction using stick bundles, number lines and more!


Third Grade

Use plants, animal life, and natural materials to learn multiplication and division!


Fourth Grade

Learn a variety of ways to solve multi-digit multiplication and division problems.


Fifth Grade

Master fractions, decimals, and beginning algebra with mudpies and place value sticks.


Nature Mega Bundle

Vol 3

A very special bundle in memory of

Emily Mitchell

1800 pages of nature study resources from 43 of your favorite creators

including Wild Math!

Only $25 

One week only!

Ends May 3rd at midnight!

A portion of the proceeds will be put in a trust for Emily's four children.

Wild Reading

Expected Release 

May 2021!

Looking for a reading program that helps your child build a solid foundation in reading skills while being hands-on, full of outdoor and nature-inspired activities?

Get ready for Wild Reading! 

Click below to learn more about our newest curriculum!


Wild Math Amazon List

Click below to see some of my favorite math games and materials! 

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