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About Us

Hi there! We are the Tidd family and we are passionate about outdoor learning! My husband Leo and I as well as our two boys all work together to make Wild Math happen!  While I do the writing of the curriculum, Leo helps with all of the behind the scenes! The boys are official testers of the curriculum and photo models!


    Rachel Tidd is the author of the Wild Math Curriculum and a leading proponent of integrating the outdoors and the natural materials in math education. She became interested in teaching and learning outside after watching her two children thrive in an outdoor forest preschool. Wild Math has been used by schools and homeschool parents throughout the U.S. and the world. Rachel has written about Wild Math in the Secular Homeschool Magazine, presented on outdoor learning and engagement at the 2019 SEA Homeschoolers Symposium conference, and been featured on the Charlotte Mason Podcast.

     Prior to founding Wild Math Curriculum, Rachel obtained extensive teaching experience in elementary education, special education, and as a homeschool parent. She holds a Master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Bank Street College of Education and a B.S. in Environmental Science from SUNY- College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

     Leo Tidd enjoys taking the boys on hiking and kayaking trips. Leo helps Wild Math with all things technology, editing, photography, and accounting. He is also an Environmental Planner. He holds a B.S in Environmental Studies from SUNY- College of Environmental Science and Forestry and has a M.P.A in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University. 

     Finn Tidd is 10 and enjoys learning about science and reading. He loves hiking, swimming in gorges, biking, and kayaking. He helped test the upper-grade Wild Math levels and models for photos!

     Taro Tidd is 7 and enjoys history and building with blocks. He also loves to swim, forage for wild foods, and build forts. He helped test the lower grade Wild Math levels, as well as a model for photos.

Photo: Chelsea Fausel @fauselimagery