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 Wild Math

  Learn Math Outside

Math Must Haves!


Used extensivly in all of my Wild Math Guides! Light and easy to take with you on all your adventures!

Measuring Tape!


Love this game starting around 3rd grade, you can modify it for younger  kids but it gets more fun when theya re older! 

Prime Climb!


From Yardzee to decimals these are so handy when doing math outside!!

Yard Dice


Such a great addition to add some math to your mud kitchen, sand box or outdoor play area!



More fun and interactive than pattern tiles! Look for extra pieces like rhombus and pentagon for a complete math collection! So much geometry!

Magnetic Tiles

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 7.25.04 PM.png

The extra rhombi and pentagons to make even more math connections with your magnetic tiles!

Magnetic Polygons

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 7.28.30 PM.png

Put this out and see what the kids do with it! 

Play Money

Check out the Wild Math Amazon List for more of my faves! 
*Wild Math participates in the Amazon Associates Program. This list was created to address the many requests I receive about math materials and to provide an easy way for you to find materials recommended in Wild Math.