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DIY Giant Hundred Chart

Hundreds chart with dry erase dice from the Dollar Tree

I recommend making a cloth one hundred chart in all of Wild Math Curriculum Guides for Grades K-3. There are so many activities and games you can play using a hundred chart! Typical math curriculums have children only using a small paper hundred chart. In Wild Math, we make a giant cloth chart! This allows us to take it outside and use it moving our whole body! We can also use it in conjunction with natural materials!

The easiest and cheapest way to make a cloth one hundred chart is with an old sheet. I got mine from the thrift store. It takes a little work to make, but you can use it for at least four years of math!


  • Old sheet (light colored and solid works best I used a double bed size top sheet)

  • Permanent marker or Fabric marker

  • Tape measure

  • Straight edge (I used a folder!)

I made my squares 20cm x 20cm on a double size top sheet. Measure and mark all 4 sides in 20 cm increments. Then start from the bottom using your tape measure to make marks for the next row. You need 10 boxes on each row. Use your straight edge to make the first row of boxes by connecting the marks you made while measuring. From there I just moved on to the next row and the next. Finally, fill in your numbers 1-100 and your done!

Measuring the grid

It does not have to be perfect! My lines and boxes are not perfectly straight or square and it works fine! I did mess up on one number and might patch over it with another piece of white! Remember, it does not have to be a pristine sheet, you are making this to take outside and play on!

Playing Race to 100

Most games need some large dice (you can make your own, I got some big dry erase dice at the Dollar Tree), natural materials to mark squares like rocks or pinecones, cards with numbers.

Here are some games and activities to get you started!

5 free games (k-2nd)


Free math riddles (1st-2nd)


Lucky numbers game (K-1)


Use natural materials, or other objects to mark multiples/skip counting/multiplication tables (1st-4th) Here is an example of the patterns you will see https://www.pinterest.com/pin/362328732493845957/

5 ways to use a hundred chart in the upper grades (3rd-5th)


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