• Rachel Tidd

Math Scavenger Hunts

Math scavenger hunts are such a great way to integrate math fact practice and learning outside! They are also super simple! One of my favorite math scavenger hunts is to write math facts or numbers for our youngest children on small slips of paper. Then clip them on bushes, trees and anything else outside with clothespins.

You can have them collect a certain number of cards or all of them and then solve them. Try searches that have them sorting shapes, rounding numbers or sorting place value.

If you are having younger children find numbers have them collect them all and then put the cards in order. Using small baskets can be fun to collect the cards in.

Another fun way to do math scavenger hunts is with popsicle sticks. Just stick them in the ground along a trail, they yard or any other area.

You can do pairs of facts like the doubles facts and doubles plus one facts (3+3 and 3+4) and have them put them in pairs or in order.

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