• Rachel Tidd

Number Hunt

The other day my youngest (almost 5) had a number hunt while we were playing at our local children’s garden. The idea of a number hunt is a simple one and the idea can be used to practice and learn a variety of different things. I suggest this idea in the new Wild Math Kindergarten Curriculum.

On this particular day, I hid numbers around the gardens. The numbers were nothing fancy, just index cards with the numbers written on them. I am a big fan of easy and cheap learning activities! I then gave him a little basket and asked him if he could find all the numbers! He loved it! I think it reminded him of an Easter egg hunt.

There were 17 numbers and he had to make sure that he found them all, so there was lots of counting along the way! When he had found them all, I asked them to put them in order. You can also take a number or two and see if they can figure out what numbers are missing!

This simple activity works on several skills important in Pre-k and kindergarten.


Finding the missing number

Knowing there is a specific order that numbers go in

You can use this activity with any series of numbers, counting by 10s or 2s, 3s, 4s for older students, addition and subtraction facts to solve, letters, or sight words. The possibilities are endless!