• Rachel Tidd

Spring Sale!

The Wild Math Spring Sale is here for a limited time!⁠

There is no better time than spring to start integrating outdoor learning into your homeschool or classroom/program!⁠

Wild Math can be used as a stand-alone curriculum OR combined with a more traditional program. Many families find designating one day a week to outdoor learning is a great way to combine the two styles.

Kindergarten has been redesigned and weekly plans added which makes it perfect for those newer to homeschooling.⁠ Check it out HERE

I am hoping to add as many plans for other grade levels as I can before fall! I know you are anxious about that! I am currently working my hardest to get Wild Reading out to you!⁠

Ready to get started?⁠

Head over to www.wildmathcurriculum.com⁠/shop

Save 15% with the code crocus

Sale ends 4/3/21