• Rachel Tidd

Symmetry in Spring!

All the new leaves and flowers blooming makes Spring a great time to look at symmetry. I love giving the children scissors and having them use them to cut leaves down the line of symmetry. It is a great way for children to experiment and "check" to see if both sides are symetrical.

Flowers often have an odd number of petals which can make an interesting problem to pose to children! How would you make a line of symmetry across a cherry blossom?

Taking small shatterproof mirrors outside can also be a fun way to experiment with symmetry outdoors!

Make sure to also think about insects like butterflies, birds and their wings, sides of human and animal bodies, camoflage etc. There are some great books about symmetry including Seeing Symmetry by Loreen Leedy and What is Symmetry In Nature? by Bobbie Kalman.

For more ideas on how to explore symmetry outside check out my Wild Math Curriculum Guides!

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