• Rachel Tidd

Using Your Math Lens!

Updated: May 22, 2018

Once you start looking at the natural world around you with a "math lens" you will be surprised at how much math is out there waiting to be discovered! Finn and I recently took a walk together and we found all kinds of new things that you could use to learn math!

We saw rectangles in flagstone walls along a path.

We saw geese tracks in the snow leading to a pond. I immediately thought of multiplication and skip counting by 3s for each toe on foot! You could also investigate and try to figure out how many geese crossed over to the pond by looking at the tracks and following each one, extending the activity by drawing a map of where each bird walked.

We also encountered the map of the trails along the route we took. Each path was listed in a key that showed the distance of the trail. You could use this to study distance. Calculating how far different routes would be. Bonus: the distances were written in fractions!

We crossed wooden walkways over marsh areas that could be measured. Each side was constructed of 3 posts per rail. How many posts were needed to build the walkway?

Isn't it amazing!

This was all seen in one walk! During winter! So don't let the winter season stop you from learning outside!

Need ideas? Check out our Wild Math curriculum guides Kindergarten-Third grade available!

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