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Wild Math Grades 2-3 Curriculum Guide

This is everything you need to take math outside! The Wild Math Grades 2-3 Curriculum Guide covers ALL the math topics typically taught in grades 2 AND 3! Many skills taught in these grades overlap. These math skills build upon each other and suggested grade levels are indicated next to each skill. For each skill there are numerous ideas of how to learn and practice them outside! 

Learning outdoors has been proven to increase engagement when learning math. It also is hands on and relates to real life in a way a textbook cannot. Teach your child in a classroom without walls!

This guide is packed with ideas and color photos of how to use what is naturally abundunt in your area to learn math! Use pinecones, rocks or seashells to make multipication arrays! Make mudpies, cakes and brownies to practice fractions. Draw quadralaterals in the snow or sand! Use bundles of sticks to learn place value!  No need for expensive and plastic manipulatives to learn math! Suggested materials to make, gather and a few basic supply recommendations are listed.   Many of the activities also connect directly with science topics effectivley learning two subjects at the same time!  Click here to see sample pages.

Math Topic Areas Covered:

Count within 1000 (second grade) 

Skip-count by 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, and 100s. (second grade) 

Place value up to the 1000s (second grade) 

Add and Subtract up to 1000 (second and Third grades)

Multiplication (Third grade)

Division (third grade) 


Measurement (second and third grades)

Graphs and Data (second and third grades)

Geometry (second and third grades

Perimeter (third grade) 

Area (third grade)

Have Questions? I am happy to answer! Use the contact form to email me!

Guide is delivered electronically and in a PDF document.

Guide is 28 pages in length

Due to the nature of electronic files returns are not available.

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