• Rachel Tidd

Wild Math Monthly Planning Sheet

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Here is a helpful planning sheet you can use to plan Wild Math! This sheet can be used with all grade levels of Wild Math.

It also includes suggested pacing and week examples from all grades K-4 (scroll down).

I suggest planning in 1-4 week increments. This way you can adjust pacing and additional practiced based on your child’s individual needs.

I usually start by planning out the year. Here is an example of how you might plan out a year using the Kindergarten curriculum. I am slowly updating each grade level to include these year-long sequence outlines and planning sheets. Make sure you are subscribed to my website to get all the latest announcements!

Suggested Unit Sequence and Pacing for Kindergarten

September/October- Counting, Cardinality and Place Value

November- Patterns


Measurement and Data (note in earlier versions this section was not labeled in the table of contents it starts on page 36)

January Geometry

February/March Addition

April/May Subtraction

June- review

Here is an example of how you might plan a week of Kindergarten starting at the beginning of the year.

Download the blank Google doc version of this planning sheet.