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 Wild Math Second Grade is everything you need to teach math outdoors! Make your second grade math year active and fun. Learning outside is engaging, naturally hands-on and uses multiple senses. Using the natural environment as the basis for your curriculum makes concepts more concrete and increases children’s attention spans. 


  The curriculum is organized around units and skills typically covered in second-grade math. Activity ideas for how to learn and practice each topic outdoors are then provided for each chapter. Teaching guidance is provided for more complex concepts. Each unit also includes a list of my favorite math books and games at the end of each chapter. Books and games are great outside in warm weather and inside during extreme weather or dark winter evenings. The math skills described here have been compiled using several different math curriculums and represent what is typically taught in second grade in the United States. A suggested unit pacing guide, sample week plan, and planning sheet are included in the resource section.


    This math guide is packed with ideas and color photos of how to use what is naturally abundant in your area to learn math! Use bundles of sticks to explore place value and learn multi-digit addition and subtraction strategies.  Make mudpies to practice fractions. Use leaves, flowers, and songs to practice skip counting. 


    Suggested materials and gear for learning outside are included. As well as tips for families learning math outside in more urban areas. 


Math Topics Covered:

Place Value  

Addition and Subtraction




Time and Money

Graphs and Data


(see thumbnails of the table of contents to see each skill covered)


Guide length is 60 pages and a PDF document.

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Wild Math Curriculum Second Grade


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