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 This curriculum guide covers ALL the math topics typically taught in Fourth Grade! Each chapter lists each math skill followed by activities to learn and practice that skill outside. The fourth-grade curriculum contains more teaching guidance for those tricky topics like division and fractions! 


Features include:

  • Book and board game lists for every unit, PLUS a list of general math games in the resources section.
  • Target skills are summarized at the beginning of each unit.
  • Math projects provide an opportunity to use math in a hands-on and real life way. Projects include using fractions to mix paint colors, using angles to build an anemometer and more!
  • Math Notes- Informative little boxes that explain those math concepts and details you may have forgotten!
  • Alternate methods to teach multidigit multiplication and long division that your student/s may find easier than traditional methods. 
  • A suggested unit pacing guide, sample week plan, and planning sheet are included in the resource section.


Learning outdoors has been proven to increase engagement and attention. It also is hands-on and relates to real life in a way a textbook cannot. Teach your child in a classroom without walls!


The Fourth Grade Guide is packed with ideas and photos of how to use materials that are naturally abundant in your area to learn math! No need for expensive manipulatives! Suggested materials to make, gather, and a few basic supply recommendations are provided.

  • Use pinecones, rocks, or seashells to make multiplication arrays, practice division, and find factors!
  • Use bundles of sticks to practice multiples!
  • Use recycled materials to explore volume and converting units.
  • Use clay or playdough to make fractions snakes
  • And so many more!


Math Units Covered in the Fourth Grade Wild Math Curriculum

(See thumbnails of the table of contents to see skills covered in each unit)


Place Value

Multidigit addition and subtraction (review)

Multiplication (including multidigit multiplication- traditional and lattice method)

Division (including long division- traditional method and box/area method)



Data and Probability


Patterns and Algebra




Common Questions About Wild Math Curriculum


Can you use this curriculum by itself? Is it a complete curriculum?

      Yes! Absolutely! I consulted several fourth grade curriculums to make sure that all the essential skills and concepts were covered in Wild Math. As a result, the material covered in Wild Math exceeds the requirements of the common core. Meaning it covers more concepts and skills than what is required in most public schools in the U.S.


Can I use Wild Math in conjunction with another math curriculum?

      Yes! It complements any math curriculum. Take a break from workbooks and spend the day outside, while still getting “school” work done!  Simply match the unit you are working on in your curriculum to the same unit in Wild Math and choose an activity. Some people use Wild Math as their “spine” and add in other activities or extra practice if they feel their student needs it.


I don't homeschool, can I still use Wild Math?

      Yes! Wild Math is for everyone! I did write it with homeschoolers in mind however, it can easily be adapted to a variety of settings. There are many schools, childcare, and classroom teachers that use Wild Math. Some parents use it at home to help a child who is struggling with math at school get more practice as a change of pace from workbooks, yet providing practice and reteaching of math concepts.


Doing everything outside sounds like a lot, do I have to do all our math outside?

      Of course not! Pick and choose activities, combine with other math activities, and tailor it for you and your students. Do what works for you and your student/s. I am a huge advocate for learning outside, as there are many benefits. However, I am also aware of the fact that it probably is not realistic for everybody. That is OK. If you’re having trouble getting outside or you are intimidated by this much outdoor math, I suggest starting small and planning one or two lessons per week of outdoor learning and increase your outdoor time as you feel comfortable. There are also lots of board games, and book recommendations included. These are great in the middle of winter when many of us are outside less and the days are shorter.


What about winter?

      There are lots of activities in the guides that are specifically for the winter or that work in all seasons. Make 3d shapes using snow, race, and time sleds, graphing temperature changes are just some of the winter activities included.


What if I live in the city?

            You can do all the activities in a local park or green space. Many activities give several options. For example, number lines can be made with sticks, hung on ropes, or drawn with chalk on any paved or concrete surface.


Have questions?

I am happy to help!

Email me at wildmathcurriculum@gmail.com


The guide is delivered electronically and in a PDF document.

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The guide is 108 pages in length

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Wild Math Curriculum Fourth Grade


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