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This curriculum guide provides activity ideas that cover ALL the typical math skills taught in First Grade. It also provides some teaching guidance for concepts that may be unfamiliar to parents using the guide. This enables you to have peace of mind that your child is learning the skills needed for their grade level but without relying on repetitive math workbooks or expensive curriculum.  Under each skill, there are multiple ideas on how to learn and practice them outside! A suggested unit pacing guide, sample week plan, and planning sheet are included in the resource section. I also include math picture books and tabletop games recommendations to further support your child's math learning. 


Learning outdoors has been proven to increase engagement when learning math. It also is hands-on and relates to real life in a way a textbook cannot. Teach your child in a classroom without walls!


This math guide is packed with ideas, games, materials to encourage math play and color photos on how to use what is naturally abundant in your area to learn math! Use pinecones, rocks, or seashells to learn addition and subtraction! Play games with lawn dice and a giant 100 chart. Experiment with a variety of containers to learn about volume and capacity in the mud kitchen.  Use bundles of sticks to learn place value!  Suggested materials and gear for learning outside are included. As well as tips for families learning math outside in more urban areas.  


Math Topics Covered:

Numbers and Place Value 

 Count up to 120 from any number below 120 

Read and write numbers up to 120 

Count items in a group or collection accurately and reliably up to 100 

Skip Count by 2s, 5s, and 10s

Use manipulatives and drawings to identify and model odd and even numbers. 



Extend, describe, and create numeric, visual, and concrete patterns 


Place Value 

Tell how many 1s and 10s are in a number 

Show that numbers 11-19 are a combination of a ten and ones 

Compare two 2-digit numbers using <,> or = 


Addition and Subtraction 

 Addition facts within 20 (up to 10+10) 

 Counting on instead of counting each number or object 

 Doubles facts (5+5=10) 

 Doubles plus 1 facts (5+6=11) 

 Combinations of 10 (4+6, 3+7) 

 Doubles plus 2:  1+3, 2+4, 3+5 

 Subtraction facts within 20 

 Activities to practice all the facts 

Larger numbers can be broken into easier to work with numbers 

Using the relationship between addition and subtraction (e.g., knowing that 8 + 4 = 12, one knows 12 - 8 = 4) 

Missing number problems within 20 

Commutative property of addition 

Associative property of addition 

Word problems with number combinations up to 20 

Word problems with “fewer” and “more” 

Adding three numbers 

Add a two digit number and a one digit number 

Add a 2 digit number and a multiple of 10 

Subtract multiples of 10 

Add or subtract 1s and 10s with a one or two digit number

Adding 2 digit numbers without regrouping (end of 1st)


Measurement and Data

Ordering lengths shortest to longest

Measure lengths with units of the same size 

Read and interpret, collect and organize data, bar graphs, tables and tally charts

Telling Time to the nearest hour and half hour 


Coin Identification and worth 



Recognizing and naming 2d shapes and attributes like number of sides and corners 

Recognizing and naming basic 3d shapes (cylinder, sphere, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, cone)

Students compose and decompose plane or solid figures (e.g., put two triangles together to make a quadrilateral)

Identifying halves and fourths/quarters

Identify shapes having line symmetry; complete line-symmetric shapes or designs

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Wild Math Curriculum First Grade


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