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Wild Reading

Expected Release- End of April- Mid May 2021

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I am getting really excited about sharing Wild Reading Curriculum with you! I am hoping to have it ready by mid May. There have been a few delays with graphic design. It is a HUGE (over 300 pages)! It is a standalone reading program to help your child become a reader.


      Wild Reading uses a systematic, explicit, multisensory approach to teaching phonological awareness skills, word families and phonics, written expression, reading, and language comprehension. These skills are introduced and practiced in an ongoing story read aloud to children, a chapter at a time, week by week, as well as through hands-on and nature-based-based reading and writing activities.

      Each week Wild Reading follows a familiar rhythm that begins and ends with the week’s chapter from the story Tilda Trekker, Fairy Fred, and the Marvelous, Mighty, Majestic Mountain, written by my friend Monica Bosworth. This story follows a mouse named Matilda on her dangerous journey to the top of an immense mountain. Each chapter of the story highlights a letter sound and forms the theme of the week.

     Essential reading and writing skills are integrated into each week’s activities. These activities are often nature-based and most of them can be done outdoors. Optional enrichment activities enable you to extend letter-themed learning while you integrate other subjects and skills into your homeschool day. First and foremost, though, these activities reinforce key literacy skills.

Overview of Wild Reading's Key Features

  • Structured, developmentally appropriate, and incorporates the science of how children read

  • Outdoor- and nature-based activities are included each week

  • The original story of an adventurous mouse introduces each week’s letter sound

  • Sight words and word families are introduced incrementally

  • Phonemic awareness skills are integrated into activities and oral practice each week

  • Hands-on, multisensory reading and writing activities support a variety of learning styles

  • Independent reading skills through reading decodable books

  • Listening and reading comprehension skills practiced in discussions after reading each week’s chapter of the story

  • Read alouds from curated lists of books emphasize nature and natural themes. 

  • Enrichment activities related to the letter theme help integrate academic subjects without additional curriculum and incorporate your child’s interests

  • Daily checklists and weekly outlines of activities keep you organized

  • Many activities are flexible and can be done indoors or outdoors

  • Tips provided on how to include older and younger siblings in the program


Don’t worry if you are unsure of what some of these skills are or why they are important. I devoted a whole section on how to teach reading and the science behind it!

Target ages

Wild Reading is recommended for children ages 5–7 years old. Reading readiness depends on the child. For most children, this is usually around the age of 6 or 7. 


Your child is ready for the entire Wild Reading program if:

  • They are familiar with some or many letters and some or many of the sounds they make.

  • They can write some or many letters.


  • They know all their letters and sounds, but are not yet blending letters to make words.


  • They are just beginning to blend together letters and sounds to make words.


  • They can blend whole words, but are still struggling to consistently decode words and read fluently.


I will be sharing more about this program in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! I think you are going to love it!!

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Kid making letterpage

Making a letter page related to the story

Sightword sentence 2

Creating sentences

At family page_houses

Making word family houses

Scavenger hunt

Spelling words with moveable alphabet


Writing on leaves


Labeling your own Botanical garden


Weekly letter page for letter P based on story


Making words

writing said on rock

Sight word practice


Using sound boxes to segment words


Sorting digraphs (2 letters that make one sound)

tree book project

Leaf study book

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Sightword sentence 2

Creating sentences